Hidden Meadows is a rustic barn venue located in Afton, Tennessee and is owned and operated by Mark and Lisa Harbin. The venue is in Northern Greene County on the 45 acre Harbin Farm and is easily accessible from Interstate 81. While driving onto the property, you will notice a log house which is one of the oldest standing structures in the area, and is well over 200 years old. It has a “mud and stick” chimney which is a rare sight to see this day and time. Also, across the street is an old mill that is still standing on its rock foundation. Right beside of the mill is the waterfall, or the “baptizing hole” as it is so fondly called. This is because many local churches have used these waters to perform baptismal services and that continues to this day. The waterfall is a beautiful picture spot all year round. 

Our mission at Hidden Meadows is for the venue to be a shining light in the community by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We want to provide a place for people to come and enjoy their family and friends in a Christian atmosphere ( please note in order to honor our Christian atmosphere, Hidden Meadows is an alcohol free venue). Perfect for weddings, proms, showers, reunion, or parties, the barn has plenty of space for your event needs. The main floor is 3,120 square feet and both lofts are 728 square feet of space each. The barn also has a front porch that is 1,200 square foot and is lined with rocking chairs so you can relax during events. 

​Hidden Meadows